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Why the economics work...

BarcodeGuy About Us

When you look at the BarcodeGuy scanner mix, you might wonder how you can save money with the BarcodeGuy UnionNet line versus traditional barcode scanners. Well, here's the answer:

If you just need a "corded" barcode scanner & will never have the need to collect data without the cord, the a traditional hand held scanner will be less expensive. That's what we'll recommend if you ask...

BarcodeGuy - About Us

We're here to serve you - and that's the most important thing about us!

Who We Are was started by AIDC [automatic identification data capture] professionals who have the foresight to understand that the AIDC market is on the cusp of another paradigm shift. We successfully predicted the commoditization of handheld barcode scanners and the advent of internet aggregators supplying them. The price structure of this new business model transformed the ADIC business - traditional VAR's / Resellers could no longer charge large margins on equipment but had to provide "value add" services to maintain profitability.

We maintain a brick and mortar presence in the south-east and north-east US, with strategic partnerships with AIDC providers in the mid-west, south-west and west coast. We also maintain one of the oldest providers of barcode font technology, with a web presense dating back to the NetScape / AOL days.

Why we believe in this product....

The BarcodeGuy and its partner manufacturers have developed a line of products that are revolutionary - and disruptive to the traditional AIDC market.

We believe the these scanners provide a cost effective solution for any data collection problem, at a significant savings over traditional solutions. We also believe the trend to be towards barcode scanning as an integrated process into BYOD and consumer device applications. If we're right, you most likely don't need to spend a thousand dollars just to have high speed barcode data collection at your disposal.

But if you need a bluetooth connected scanner you can save at least $100 by using a UnionNet SP2100. If you need a bluetooth connected scanner that can read 2-dimensional barcodes, you will save at least $250 versus bluetooth connected hand scanners.

The product line really excels as a mobile data collector. If your workers currently carry a cell phone, you can add a BarcodeGuy UnionNet scanner and replace a mobile computer with integrated barcode scanner or laptop with corded scanner. Chances are you'll save at least $500. And there's no need for bulky cradles, service plans or OS version tracking. The BarcodeGuy line of barcode scanners are the most simple and inexpensive barcode scanners you can buy.


As millions of people and thousands of businesses use their mobile devices to accomplish what they used to do with desktop and laptop PC's, the founders of and its sister companies see the power and affordability of using an inexpensive, bluetooth connected barcode scanner. Coupled with a cellphone application or web data entry portal or dedicated application, the pair can effectively eliminate the need for expensive mobile computers with integrated barcode scanners.

As experts in barcode technology, we continue to evaluate "camera based" barcode scanner utilities. Understanding the limits of optical technology, we believe that the speed and focal length performance of these scanning methods don't match the performance of traditional laser line scanners and area imagers. As the processing power and connection speed of cellphones continue to increase, the need for reliable, high speed barcode data collection will become more important.

We're committed to showing you how a BarcodeGuy barcode scanner can solve your everyday data collection problems. Let us show you how to leverage barcode technology for an ever increasing array of labor savings. From a simple inventory to a complex field service mobile data collection system, we believe the the BarcodeGuy line of barcode scanners can give you a flexible, convenient and inexpensive solution to your data collection needs.

We Owe Our Success To You is growing by leaps and bounds. We believe that our success is because of our one overriding objective: Customer Focus! We work hard to listen carefully and tailor our solutions to meet your needs. And we make ordering easy for you while providing a great value. Our goal is to build a growing relationship with you, and we appreciate the opportunity to serve you.

We talk to folks all the time where they need a solution that BarcodeGuy scanners can't accomplish. Because of our experience, we can (and will) recommend the hardware and software that will work for your application.... even if our product isn't a good fit. And we believe in value... not in picking the most expensive solution.

We Love Phone Calls!!!

Just give us a call at the number at the top of the page. We love talking to folks looking for innovative, inexpensive solutions. We'd be happy to help you!!!

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