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Apple iPad, iPhone, iPod Bluetooth Barcode Scanner HID Connection Instructions
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You're Connected!!!

Apple Mobile Device Barcode Scanner Connected iPhone Barcode Scanner
Follow the connection instructions below to connect your iPad with a Koamtac Barcode Scanner using the KDC200, KDC250G or KDC300. Connection will take you less than 2 minutes.... 2 minutes to be scanning barcodes into your favorite application. If you don't want to bother with the instructions, you can just watch the video here. You can download the Connection Instruction Sheet from the link above, or use the instructions below the video on this page..
You can also configure and pair your Koamtac Barcode Scanner by scanning configuration barcodes. Click Here to see the process and download the barcode sheets. Stay tuned... we'll have that process page up soon!
Koamtac KDC Line Apple iOS Connection Instructions



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