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A Blackberry Barcode Scanner makes data entry fast & accurate.

Our Blackberry Barcode Scanner is compatible with any Blackberry 10 device!

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As a Blackberry Barcode Scanner, the SP2100 is second to none for its durability and low cost! Blackberry products hold a special place in pioneering the ability to be mobile and connected; operating with speed and convenience. Whether staying in touch with customers via email, scheduling appointments or phone calls or following up with a phone call, the Blackberry epitomizes mobility. With the introduction of the Blackberry 10 operating system, business users can now take advantage of the speed and accuracy of a HID connected blackberry barcode scanner, improving efficiency.

When connected via bluetooth, the BarcodeGuy SP2100 blackberry barcode scanner operates as a bluetooth keyboard, but automatically. When a barcode is scanned, the encoded characters appear at the flashing cursor at high speed but using the same manner as character entry using either the blackberry's hard or soft keypad or a bluetooth keyboard. It doesn't matter if you need a Q10 barcode scanner, a Z10 barcode scanner or a Z30 barcode scanner, the SP2100 works with them all.

Whether you decide to scan barcodes into email, a worksheet, document or web form, the SP2100 offers a range of performance, durability and flexibility that makes it the logical choice of potential Blackberry barcode scanners on the market. With a robust scanning engine, large memory and ability to program prefixes and suffixes, you'll find that for the money the SP2100 is your best choice.

The SP2100 comes in 2 models. The 1-dimensional laser scanner is an economically way to quickly scan lined barcodes like UPC codes on retail products or package tracking numbers. The SP2100 2-dimensional area imager reads all the barcodes of the 1D scanner but reads any 2-dimensional barcode. The 2D model can read barcodes at any orientation to the scanner window and can even decode barcodes from the display screen of a PC, laptop, phone or tablet. With all these capabilities, it is clear that as a Blackberry barcode scanner, the SP2100 provides the most options for the best value.

When you are thinking about using a blackberry barcode scanner for data collection for your application or work flow, we're sure you'll eventually have questions. We're here to help any way that we can. Just give us a call or send us an email describing how you want to use the blackberry barcode scanner and we'll work with you to come up with a solution that you're comfortable with.

Using an Android Barcode Scanner connected to your phone or tablet guarantees your ability to perform high-speed barcode data collection. BarcodeGuy's UnionNet SP line of barcode scanners offer the simplest and most reliable Android barcode scanners on the market today. Small, IP54 durable with a 2-year warranty, the SP2100 line connects to your Android 2.2 or higher host as a keyboard wedge to your Android 2.2 or higher phone or tablet, giving you the ability to scan barcodes directly into your favorite application, web browser or email.

Anywhere you use your soft keyboard on your phone or tablet is a candidate to take advantage of the high speed an reliability of using the SP2100 Android Barcode scanner. Way faster than using the host camera, the SP2100 is a cost effective and host independent choice. It comes in both laser and imager versions depending on whether you need 1D or 2D scanning capability.

Blackberry Barcode Scanner

The video shows you just how quick and easy it is to make a bluetooth connection to SP2100, making it the perfect blackberry barcode scanner! Note that the total time for the initial connection and to start scanning is less than a minute. From then on, the SP2100 is always connected - just like a bluetooth keyboard. To toggle the soft keypad, just press and hold the bottom side button and it will appear!'s barcode scanner kits come with everything you'll need.... charging cable, Resource CD, Lanyard and power supplies. And when you purchase from, you get instant technical support via phone or email. We pride ourselves on both our product and applications knowledge... so when you call, you can be assured of prompt, competent and efficient help.
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