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Bluetooth barcode scanners give you wireless flexibility!

Our bluetooth barcode scanners give you outstanding performance at an economical price.

BarcodeGuy bluetooth barcode scanner overview

A Bluetooth Barcode Scanner has many advantages over standard corded models. Because they are wireless, using a bluetooth barcode scanner allows more mobility while scanning barcodes. No longer tethered to the host device, you don't have to worry about cord length or the amount of space required on the work station. With a wireless connection, a bluetooth barcode scanner can be paired and used with practically any host that has a bluetooth radio. Consequently, laptops, phones, PC's and tablets all have the ability to integrate the bluetooth barcode scanner into work flow. And because there is no longer a cord and the need to make the scanner prominent on the work station, the physical size and designed ergonomics of a bluetooth barcode scanner can become smaller, more functional and incorporate the types of improvements users need for long sessions of scanning barcodes.

With a bluetooth barcode scanner, you can scan barcodes from up to 30 feet away. In many cases the wireless connection will be maintained through obstacles such as a wall or shelf. .

Bluetooth Barcode Scanner
With a Bluetooth connection, you can scan your barcodes - wirelessly....!

SP2100 Bluetooth Barcode Scanner in store inventory

Our bluetooth barcode scanners can be adjusted when in HID mode to allow a character and string delay when there are other processes running on the host that slow it down. It is just another way that bluetooth barcode scanners can be made more reliable and convenient.

Incorporation of the HID profile and brings uniformity to the way a bluetooth barcode scanner connects to and works with the host tablet, phone, laptop or PC. In essence, a HID connection gives the bluetooth barcode scanner the ability to work just like a keyboard. The decoded ASCII characters of the barcode are sent directly to the keyboard buffer of the host and show up where the cursor is flashing in the currently active application on the host.

Bluetooth Barcode Scanner Data shown on Laptop
And the data shows up in your application!!!!

This keyboard wedge feature allows performance familiar to the user but with bluetooth technology that is generally backwards compatible. That means that bluetooth barcode scanners using the HID profile are by definition "future proof" and can be used with whatever host operating system you might decide to use in the future.

For more control, our bluetooth barcode scanners allow you to connect via SPP or MFi bluetooth connections. Because your application can now control the scanner using our SDK command set and a COM port, you have granular control of both the scanned data and the barcode scanner itself. Your application allow or restrict barcode scanning based on your unique workflow. You can also send messages to the screen of the scanner and give the operator the ability to use the display of the bluetooth barcode scanner for directions. That means that the host can stay in it's holder or in a fixed mount and the application collecting the data can be controlled completely using the barcode scanner.

There are some differences between bluetooth barcode scanners and corded ones that might be seen as disadvantages. First, the battery of the scanner must remain charged to continue to be operational. You can extend the battery life by setting various power time-outs in the configuration software. Further, some managers have concerns about the small size and convenience of bluetooth barcode scanners where the operator may put it in a pocket and move out of the range of the host. All our barcode scanners have integral memory to allow for barcode scanning without a bluetooth connection. This option give you the ability to scan barcodes without a host connection and then "batch" them to the host when you are back in range. Finally, there are concerns about the bluetooth connection itself; that it is another component of complexity or that it will not allow multiple bluetooth devices to operate at the same time. All these concerns are easily addressed and solved.

In summary, bluetooth barcode scanners give you convenience that cannot be offered by conventional, corded barcode scanenrs. We think that upon analysis, you'll agree that the benefits of using a bluetooth barcode scanner far outweigh the difficulties.

Don't take our word for it, try the BarcodeGuy SP2100 for yourself. Just give us a call and we'll discuss whether the BarcodeGuy SP2100 line is right for you.... and we'll get one out to you today! Don't miss the opportunity to "test drive" the most revolutionary barcode scanner to appear on the market in decades!


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