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Tiny Corded Barcode Scanners

KoamTac Barcode Scanners are the smallest corded barcode scanners you can find!

Corded barcode scanners are the most common in data entry applcations today. In most cases, the barcode scanner is attached to a laptop or desktop PC. When you scan the barcode, the scanner puts the data into the keyboard buffer of the computer, and the scanned values "show up" on your screen just like you typed them. The data from the scanner is "wedged" into the keyboard buffer, hence the term "barcode wedge" or "keyboard wedge". Think of the last time you checked out in a store... if it wasn't a grocery or WalMart type store with a , the clerk probably used a hand-held scanner to scan the tags on your merchandise. All KDC scanners can act as a keyboard wedge, (and as tiny corded barcode scanners) but with a couple of twists:

Although all KDC scanners can be used with a cord, the KoamTac KDC100 is the only one that needs the cord to allow you to scan directly into your PC. The KDC200 and KDC300 can be connected to your PC using Bluetooth. To read how you would use a bluetooth connection to scan barcodes directly into your laptop or PC, follow this link.

When you use your KDC scanner as a barcode wedge, KTSync software runs as a utility on your PC to make the conection from your tiny corded barcode scanner and where you need the data to go. KTSync "supercharges" the keyboard wedge features that are standard for traditional barcode scanners. Here are some examples of how KTSync and the tiny KDC100 corded barcode scanner are superior to regular barcode scanners:

Using the KDC100 as a tiny corded barcode scanner with KTSync you can:

  • Specify where you want the data to go - When you scan a barcode using a traditional barcode scanner, the data "shows up" wherever the cursor is flashing. If you are in a different application and start scanning, the barcode data will be sent to that application - not the one you need it to! With KTSync and your tiny corded barcode scanner, you can specifically set which program the KDC100 needs to send the barcode data. KTSync takes care of everything!!

With all other wedge scanners on the market, where you want the data to go has to have the "focus" on your PC. If you are in a different application and start scanning, most likely the data will be lost. But when KTSync is set to enter data into a specific application, you can have the applcation open and work on other things. For example, you can be entering barcode data into a web application for inventory, then you can check your email. If you forget to give the web application focus and begin scanning barcodes again, KTSync will give the selected program the focus, and your data goes where you need it to!

  • Format the barcode data - KTSync can format the barcode data before it goes into the application. To use a real-world example, we recently had a customer with inventory part numbers barcoded with a "prefix". Every item barcode started with "S1-" followed by a 7 digit number. The number he needed to enter into his inventory system was the 7 digit number after the "S1-" prefix. Using KTSync he was able to easily strip off the first 3 characters and get the number he needed from the barcode.
  • Add a suffix or a prefix to the data - If the program you're using requries you to hit the "ENTER" key after you key in the data in the barcode or you need to tab to the next input field, you can program the KDC100, KDC200 or KDC300 to do it for you! Just use KTSync to specify the prefix or postfix you need, and the barcode scanner will do the rest.
  • Provide operator prompts and barcode validation for up to 3 different barcode scans - When you're entering multiple barcodes that represent different types of values, its easy to get lost and have to look where you are in the barcode scanning process. With KTSync, you can program meaningful operator prompts and validate the barcode to make sure you're reading the right barcode at the right time!

Even though the KDC100, KDC200 and KDC300 offer tremedous value as corded scanners, they are the only scanners on the market that can be disconnected from the PC and uses as "stand alone" portable data collectors. That's a feature you just won't find in keyboard wedge barcode scanners of similar price or features!

With all the power and features of KoamTac scanners, we're sure you'll agree that they're the best purchase you can make for your barcode data collection needs!!

Tiny Corded Barcode ScannerWhich one would you rather have on your desk???

KTSync Main Screen

KTSync makes the connection between the KoamTac barcode scanner and your PC.

KTSync Destination Program

Select the application you want the data sent to.....

Program Barcode Operator Prompts

Program meaningful operator prompts and validate each barcode!!!

Barcode Scanning Into Excel

And Scan your data right into the program you need it!!


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