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For SP2100 Developers - Why to integrate the SP2100 into your iOS or Adroid App

Integrating the SP2100 allows you to have greater control and give feedback to your users. It allows you to use the barcode scanner as a profit center as well.

Integrate the BarcodeGuy SP2100 into your App and take full control of the barcode scanning process. We're asked all the time, "What does it mean to use the SDK and why would I want to take the time and trouble to do it?". In a nut shell, here are the major reasons:

  • Allow barcode scanning where you want it.
  • Send messages to the display of the scanner.
  • Change the tone and vibrate pattern after a scan to indicate a pass/fail condition of the scanned data.

You can even set the scanner time, read the serial number and change the volume and backlight settings! We take the uncertainty out of integrating the SP2100 into your App. We provide the SDK for free. The free "Unilinker" app available on GooglePlay and Apple App Store demonstrates each of the functions and library calls of the SDK. As part of the SDK, we even source code for the Unilinker app!!. Once you get started, we have programmers on staff and under contract that can help if there's something you don't understand. How simple is that? When you've finished the integration, you'll never see an additiional charge from us. The SDK is license free so it doesn't matter if you deploy one scanner or a thousand because we're happy to see you succeed! So lets take a look at some of the SDK functions - and don't forget, the GetSN function allows you to validate that the user is connecting a scanner you gave him... allowing you to sell and license the scanners as you see fit. Here's a short video of the SDK features you can use in your App:


Are you an Developer? The BarcodeGuy SP2100 is Apple and Android certified. The video demonstrates the functionality of the free SDK. We provide a full SDK and support to make your project a success.

Watch in the video how the unique identifiers like the serial number and MAC address are displayed in the Unilinker program. That means you can read them and use that information as part of the login or to control whether you sold that scanner as part of your App.

Note all the scanner parameters that can be manipulated like Screen brightness, tone volume and vibrator on / off / pulse.

You can even allow the user to sever the bluetooth connection and collect data away from his tablet or phone. When he comes back he can scan a barcode to reconnect and you can trigger a "batch" of the scanned data - reading all the scan's he made (up to 10,000) while he was away!

And remember, Unilinker is in the AppStore and GooglePlay Store. We supply libraries, examples and documentation for both, and the library calls are virtually identical between them so you won't have to worry about this is you port.

The SDK allows you to manipulate the SP2100's display, allowing you to send meaningful messages to your users like:
  • The contents of the barcode
  • Instructions on where to go and what to do next
  • Whether the scanned barcode was accepted or rejected
The display is a powerful tool open to your imagination. Send 3 lines of "normal" text, a single line of large  "Geezer" text or design your own symbols and send monochrome bitmaps. Imagine your users taking inventory or making a delivery and never taking their phone off their belts... the SP2100's display controlled, by your App is all they need. Just watch this short video of what capabilities the SDK gives you in controlling the display:


Using the Display gives you unbelivable power to direct and instruct you app's users!

Have you thought of the efficiency your App if once started the user could just use the scanner to enter the data that needs to be collected?

An integrated SP2100 barcode scanner becomes an upside to your sales. In a conventional app, the user is fiddling with the phone or tablet all the time: using the keypad, picking it up and setting it down to perform his job. After integrating the SP2100 the user may have some starting interactions, afterwards forgetting about the host device and viewing SP2100 barcode scanner's display to give him feedback and direction. When not in use, the SP2100's small size stores conveniently!

Changing from HID to SPP / MFI allows 2-way communications & control.. Connections are explained in the technical stuff page. The UnionNet SP2100 is certified MFi compliant by Apple and is approved for use in Android and the GooglePlay store.

Finally and quickly, you need to see the SDK in action, in a user environment, running production data into a database with validation. In this application, sales reps go to customers and scan barcodes representing the customer's choices for which of the available products will be displayed. Since its a large retail environment, there can be many scans during a customer call, but the average is 50 scans in as quick a time as thei rep can scan them. Take a look at the scanning and the isolated view of the display:

Note the speed of the scanning and the control the App has over the barcode scanner. You may not be able to tell, but the scanner is beeping and vibrating for the different types of responses to the barcode scanned: Accepted, Duplicate, Rejected. You can imagine how helpful users find this feature to be. You can even provide users with a "template" of control barcodes that do certain things when scanned. You may decide to provide a QR Code to each operator that represents the actions to close out a collection session - an order, an inventory rack, a service job. We give you the power to make it happen.

Want to give it a try? We have a liberal demo program so you can get a scanner, get the SDK and get started. Just give us a call or send us an email for details.

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