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Frequently Asked Questions about the BarcodeGuy SP2100 line of bluetooth barcode scanners

You've got questions? We've got the answers!!


What do I need besides a BarcodeGuy UnionNet SP2100?

All the SP2100’s we sell come in kits that include the scanner, USB charging cable, Wall and Car power adapters, Neck Lanyard / Retractable Reel with belt clip, resource CD and Quick Start Card. We offer a protective rubber boot as well if your operating environment needs extra protection.

Doesn’t the SP2100 cost more than a regular hand scanner?

Yes. Strictly from a cost basis and for applications where the host computer is in a fixed position, there are better choices than the SP2100. But if you need bluetooth connectivity to that host, you’ll find that the SP2100 is the same price or even cheaper, does the same job and doesn’t require special cradles, cables or take up the desk space of a traditional bluetooth barcode scanner. For mobility applications, there are competitors, but none at a lower price and none with the flexibility, ease of use and radio performance of the SP2100. See our Competitive Analysis page for details on immediate competitors to the SP2100.
I’ve never heard of BarcodeGuy or UnionNet? My supplier is telling me to stick with a manufacturer who has “been around”.

Why should I try your products?

There’s a long and storied answer to this question that if you send us an email, we’ll give you more details on, but the short answer is that Carolina Barcode Inc (aka BarcodeGuy) and UnionNet have been around for a long time selling “traditional” barcode scanning products to the traditional markets: BarcodeGuy in the US and UnionNet in Korea. We got into the SP2100 business because our customers were asking for a product that the companies that have “been around” wouldn’t offer because it would cut into their very profitable mobile computer business. Our customers demanded that we develop a fresh perspective to the traditional market and take risks to design, develop, manufacture and distribute a programmable barcode scanner that would work with any host via bluetooth. In the US, we’ve held of marketing until we’d proven the design to include the durability of the scanner itself and the robustness of the SP2100’s firmware and SDK to assure it exceeded the quality and performance that any other company offers.

How can the BarcodeGuy SP2100 be so small and still perform like described in the web site?

Stop and think a second. Isn’t smart phone you carry today smaller but more packed with features than the first smart phone you ever saw? Unfortunately, the barcode scanner business hasn’t applied the same principles of innovation and product evolution that the computer, tablet and smart phone business has. The argument is that barcode scanners need to be rugged and at the same time are like a hammer: there is relatively little you can do to improve the design. That perspective is what caused us to break away from the traditional business and design this product. Our customers were telling us over and over that they were willing to put up with some ergonomic compromises for a product of a convenient size that would work in today’s mobility market. Mobility as defined by what we see mobile workers using today, not as it used to be defined by the barcode scanner manufacturers. If you have doubts about our product’s performance, get one and try it. It comes with a 30-day money back guaranteed.

You barcode scanner can't be as durable as those from the "major" barcode scanner manufacturers - Right?

In a lot of cases we maintain that they are MORE durable. Out of the box, the SP2100 comes with a 2-year guarantee, IP54 certification, will take multiple 4 foot drops to concrete and is pretty much bullet proof. Its small size and light weight work in its favor if you drop it. Attached to the neck lanyard we provide or on the retractable reel, you’ll find that you’ll never drop it. For challenging environments, the optional rubber boot seals the unit from moisture and dust and offers further protection from drops or banging. But for a second let’s assume that it isn’t very durable. Assume that it completely dies after a year. Assume that the warranty doesn’t apply. You’ve still paid only $400 max for a barcode scanner mated to a $500 phone or tablet. At that cost vs what you would spend for a “rugged mobile computer”, you can afford to buy three SP2100-host combinations for the price of one FEDEX mobile computer.

Most times, you'll see "rugged" barcode scanners and "light-duty" barcode scanners as part of a manufacturer's product line. The rugged scanner is listed for use in "industrial" and "harsh" environments and often has rubber molded to the sides with a orange or yellow housing. It looks like something you'd want to stick in a warehouse! The rugged scanner sells at a price premium because its indestructible (they let you think) Things aren't always the way they look. Here's what they don't tell you: If you examine the specifications for both scanners, often you'll find that the "scan engine" - the part of the scanner that does the actual reading and decoding of the barcodes - is the same for both the "rugged" and "light-duty" devices (in the same class). Think about what the manufacturer is saying by putting the same engine in both.... for the "guts" part of the scanner, they're going to have the exact same reliability. The drop-specification is the same for the "industrial" and "light-duty" scanners are virtually the same. The manufacturer's warranty for the "industrial" and "light-duty" scanners are the same, and in some cases the warranty for the "light-duty" scanner is longer than the one for the "industrial" scanner!

How can I get help if I need it?

When you placed your order, you should have received and email with the direct contact information of your internal sales rep. either call or email your rep and explain what you need help with. He’ll be able to either solve the issue or get you immediately over to one of our technical support technicians.
If you have questions about our products before you purchase, you can call the toll free number at the top of any of these web pages or send us an email. We normally respond within 2 hours of the initial contact.

What happened to the Koamtac scanners you used to carry?

We no longer recommend or sell the KDC line of barcode scanners. We’ve discovered some mechanical design flaws in the device that is leading to many returns – the most serious of which is hardware related as well as very poor revision control of the scanner firmware. Both these problems are grave, but Koamtac refused to put the proper quality controls in place. W decided that it isn’t in our or our customer’s best interest to continue supplying this product as we can’t guarantee quality over time. I’m not aware of anyone in the US who carries stock on this product.

We’ve worked very hard to get a comparable product which we have available now. It works the same as the KDC200 using HID.

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