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Need and Intelligent Inventory Scanner? BarcodeGuy & the SP2100 does it all

Total your barcode inventory using our free resources!

As and Intelligent Inventory Scanner we find that a lot of our users expect to be able to scan their inventory and end up with a list of Part Numbers, SKU's or Item Numbers and the total quantity that were scanned during the inventory. By using an Excel worksheet and the SP2100 barcodes scanner connected HID, here's how you can do it!


Download our Intelligent Inventory Barcode Scanner "Tally Up Inventory" worksheet here

The worksheet is free and we support all the tools we offer you. Note that you have to have a PC running andy version of Microsoft Excel 97 or higher and your have to have permissions to enable macros.

Let us know what you think and what improvements you'd like to see in this inventory totalling project!

Inventory Barcode ScannerYou can take a full inventory with the SP2100's ability to scan over ten thousand barcodes!

Intelligent Inventory Scanner

If you have Microsoft Excel and can enable macros, you can download the Tally Inventory Worksheet to total the quantity of the scanned items.'s barcode scanner kits come with everything you'll need.... charging cable, Resource CD, Lanyard and power supplies. And when you purchase from, you get instant technical support via phone or email. We pride ourselves on both our product and applications knowledge... so when you call, you can be assured of prompt, competent and efficient help.

And remember....

If you need a quick, simple, powerful, high-speed method to collect barcode data, the BarcodeGuy Line of Barcode Scanners is your best choice! Take a look at our Product Comparison / Pricing Page Barcode Inventory Scanner. Or just give us a call and we'll help you any way that we can.

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