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Koamtac KDC100 - Fantastic Value - Purchase Here!

KDC100 Pricing

Koamtac KDC100

KoamTac KDC100 Batch Barcode Scanner

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The KoamTac KDC100 is the value product in the KDC line of barcode scanners, but don't let that label fool you. The KDC100 provides unmatched performance for an unprecedented price. The smallest programmable barcode scanner on the market with a display, the KDC100 is configurable with up to four megabytes of memory. It comes standard with a robust and powerful laser line scanner, bright blue OLED display, Type A USB swing-arm connector and powerful on-board configuration software - all in a housing about the size of a Zippo® lighter. Designed with a rechargeable battery that provides real-world, full shift performance so you never have to worry about recharging. And there are no special cradles or cables to buy - just plug the swing out USB connector into a PC or other Type A USB charger. The battery will be at full capacity in less than 2 hours!

Used as a portable data collector, each scan can include the KDC100's serial number and a time stamp from the barcode scanner's real-time clock. You can even load programs into the KDC100 using KTSync® to display operator prompts on the display and validate each scan - assuring you're collecting the right barcodes in the right order. When done gathering your data, connect the KDC100 to a Mac or PC and use KTSync to transfer the data to a file, worksheet or the application you choose. Its easy!

The KDC100 also works as a corded barcode scanner (keyboard wedge) when attached to your PC or laptop. With KTSync software, you can send the scans to any open application, and format them before they're sent. You can even configure the KDC100 to hold all the scans in memory, even if they're sent.. so you can use them on another PC later!

Each KDC100 kit comes complete with scanner, USB cable, KTSync software, User's Guide, lanyard and protective rubber boot. If you need your barcode scanner to communicate with an iPad, Droid, iPhone, Blackberry, iPod or Windows Mobile device, check out the Koamtac KDC200.

And you get our legendary customer and technical support ;-) to help you integrate the KDC100 into your process!

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KoamTac KDC100 Portable Barcode Scanner


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KoamTac KDC100 Convenience Kit, includes KDC100 portable barcode scanner (batch or tethered wedge), Resource CD with KTSync, manuals and SDK, Type A USB cable, lanyard and protective rubber boot.

$ 299.00

Part Number

KDC100 Accessories




KDC100 Extended Service Contract, per year (up to 3 years)



KDC100 & KDC200 Series Replacement Battery Lithium-Polymer rechargeable (3.7V DC, 190mAh)



KDC100 Series USB Tether Cable, Type A to micro USB, Black



KDC100 Protective Rubber Boot, Compatible with KDC100 only



KDC100 Replacement Resource CD


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