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Koamtac KDC200 - Pricing and Accessories

KDC200 Pricing

KDC200 Works With All these OS's

Koamtac KDC200

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Koamtac KDC200
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Compact and durable but packed with features, the Koamtac KDC200 is the right choice for bluetooth scanning to your Mac, PC, Apple Mobile / Android / Blackberry device. About the size of a Zippo® lighter, the KDC200 has a powerful laser line scanner for high-speed data entry reading 1-dimensional barcodes. Because it was designed to work through the most demanding of work shifts, the rechargeable battery gives you more than 12 hours of operation time (with bluetooth enabled) and recharges in less than two hours using the included USB cable. In "batch" mode, the KDC200 stores a minimum of 10,000 barcode scans, with configurations available storing up to 4mb of data.

The KDC200 has a bright, convenient OLED display, unlike any of its competitors. You can see the last barcode scanned and the remaining battery life as well as other configurable information. Its powerful v2.1 +EDR Class 2 bluetooth radio allows you to scan barcodes while more than 30 feet away from the host device or PC. Engineered to work with Apple iOS mobile devices as a bluetooth keypad, the Koamtac KDC line is the only barcode scanner engineered to work specifically with iPads, iPods and iPhones. There are no special barcodes to scan for configuration, and the soft keypad can be displayed with the press of a side button. Connected to other hosts via serial port emulation over bluetooth, the KDC200 comes with free KTSync® to allow scanning into any of your favorite applications.... the data shows up just like you keyed it in using the keyboard or keypad!

To understand how the KDC200 can work with your host and favorite program, explore the individual sections devoted to the features of using the KDC line with your device or PC operating system. And remember, if you have any questions, our staff is conveniently available via phone or email. We'd love to help you understand how the KDC200 can help you streamline your data entry process!

If you need to scan 2-dimensional barcodes like the QRCode or DataMatrix, or want to scan barcodes in any orientation, check out our Koamtac KDC300.

Part Number

KoamTac KDC200 Portable Barcode Scanner




KoamTac KDC200 Convenience Kit, includes KDC200 portable barcode scanner with Bluetooth. Works as wireless wedge, tethered wedge or stand-alone data collector, Resource CD with KTSync, manuals and SDK, Type A USB cable, lanyard and protective rubber boot.

$ 349.00

Part Number

KDC200 Accessories




KDC200 Extended Service Contract, per year (up to 3 years)



KDC200 Trigger Glove, Left Hand **MOST POPULAR



KDC200 Trigger Glove, Right Hand



KDC100 & KDC200 Series Replacement Battery, Lithium-Polymer rechargeable (3.7V DC, 190mAh



KDC Series USB Tether Cable, Type A to Proprietary



KDC200 Protective Rubber Boot, Compatible with KDC200 only



Replacement Resource CD


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