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Koamtac KDC250 - Barcode Scanner with GPS

KDC250G Pricing & Accessories

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Koamtac KDC250g

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Developed for outdoor barcode and GPS data collection, the KoamTac KDC250G has the same laser scanner as the 200, but is housed in the 300 casing. Because the KDC250G includes a PT9250 48 channel GPS Receiver, you can now get accurate GPS positon data with the scan of each barcode. With this barcode scanner alone, you can scan barcodes in different locations and use the data to plot your position in popular applications like Google Maps and Microsoft Streets and Trips. And like the other products in the KDC line of barcode scanners, the KDC250G works as a keyboard wedge with Macintosh, Windows, Blackberry, Android and HID to Apple Mobile Devices.

Widely popular in geochaching applications, the KDC250G is capaple of logging and displaying GPS positions on the unit itself. Its low-power, quick locking high accuracy GPS module gives you the confidence you need that the GPS coordinates gathered are the most accurate available; as accurate as dedicated GPS receivers costing hundreds of dollars more. Its powerful battery allow you to operate it for extended periods - we've seen fixed applicaitons where And paired with a smart phone, the Koamtac KDC250 removes the phone performance and battery drain issues encountered when the phone's GPS is in turned on.

Available with up to 256KB programmable memory and 4MB User Data, the Koamtac KDC250 is perfect for custom outdoor data collection applications. Give us a call discuss how YOU can use the KDC250G to accurately collect both barcode and GPS location data into your favorite application.

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KoamTac KDC250G Portable Barcode Scanner


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KoamTac KDC250G Convenience Kit, with KDC250G barcode scanner, Bluetooth, GPS, Laser Barcode Scanner. Resource CD, Type A USB cable, lanyard and protective rubber boot. Developers -SDK's & Support available for free!)

$ 449.00

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KDC250G Accessories


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KDC250G Extended Service Contract, per year (up to 3 years)



KDC250G Trigger Glove, Left Hand **MOST POPULAR



KDC250G Trigger Glove, Right Hand



KDC250G Series Replacement Battery, Lithium-Polymer rechargeable (3.7V DC, 650mAh)



KDC Series USB Tether Cable, Type A to Proprietary



Protective Rubber Boot, Compatible with KDC250G and KDC300 only



Replacement Resource CD


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