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With a Mac barcode scanner, you can scan barcodes easily and accurately.

BarcodeGuy's Mac Barcode Scanners provide the most value of any product in its class!.

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Mac Barcode Scanners are fast becoming a required addition when using an iMac, Mac Pro, MacBook Pro or MacBook Air in the workplace. Since Mac's are easy to use and in many case the platform of choice in creative content development, When you want to assure flawless, speedy data entry when using a Mac, the BarcodeGuy Mac Barcode Scanner will do the job! It connects to your Mac via bluetooth and is recognized as a bluetooth keyboard. It is perfect to entering product numbers, UPC codes, client codes or anything else that represents "repetitive" data entry. Just scan the barcode with our Mac barcode scanner and the barcoded characters are sent to your Mac just like you typed them in.

With a Mac Barcode Scanner, you can at least double the speed of data entry over the speed of even the fastest typist. Since barcode readers are proven to make less than 1 error in two and a half million scans, you can be sure there will never by misspellings or other typos. When you need to make sure there are no mistakes, you can't go wrong using barcodes. You don't have to use only product numbers or other short strings for your barcodes. Use two dimensional barcodes to encode up to a page full of text for templates and other "long" forms of data entry. Scanning the barcode will enter all the text right into your favorite application.

As a Mac barcode scanner, the BarcodeGuy SP2100 offers robust design, mature decoding firmware, durability and economic value that makes it the best in class of any scanner available on the market today. You can configure it they way you need it with suffixes/prefixes, end of string terminators like carriage returns or tab key equivalents, the appropriate time out settings, beeper volume and even the activation of the vibrator for noisy environments. You can even sever the wireless connection between the Mac and the BarcodeGuy Mac barcode scanner, scan bar codes into the SP2100's memory and reconnect and download the stored codes into your host! Customers start using the SP2100 for one job and then find other applications and uses for it. You'll be surprised at the flexibility of BarcodeGuy's scanners when it comes to making your life easier!

Our Mac Barcode Scanner is built to be tough. The battery charges in less than three hours and then has enough power to scan 15 barcodes per minute sending them to the host via bluetooth and lasting at least eleven hours. Just try to get that type of performance from any other product on the market! The SP2100 withstands multiple drops to concrete and is IP54 certified resistant to dust and moisture, but it's convenient size means that it tucks neatly into a purse or pocket and is easily carried around the neck with the supplied lanyard. And we stand by our product with up to a 2 year warranty, with service plans available to extend coverage up to two more years! There are no proprietary accessories to buy, you can recharge the SP2100 with a standard mini-USB cable and USB compliant power supply in your Mac, USB hub or the supplied wall and car chargers. We make it simple.

Just give us a call today and we'll help you understand the power and value of the BarcodeGuy Mac Barcode scanners we offer. You can even return the scanner for a refund if you're it doesn't work for you. Call and ask for details!

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To see how easy it is to connect a Mac Barcode Scanner, just watch this video. With BarcodeGuy's SP2100, you'll be connected and scanning barcodes in less than a minute!'s barcode scanner kits come with everything you'll need.... charging cable, Resource CD, Lanyard and power supplies. And when you purchase from, you get instant technical support via phone or email. We pride ourselves on both our product and applications knowledge... so when you call, you can be assured of prompt, competent and efficient help.


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