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Using the BarcodeGuy SP2100 barcode scanner as a portable data collector

The BarcodeGuy UnionNet barcode scanner can store over 10,000 barcodes!

SP2100 Barcode Portable Data Collector

Use the "HID Date Add" land our custom worksheet to separate the date/time component of the barcode into it's own worksheet cell. Using this feature allows you to see exactly when the operator scanned the barcode.

This feature is ideal for collecting data for mobile security, package delivery or any other applicaiton where you a) need the date and time as proof of when the barcode was scanned b) when you want to use the SP2100 as a stand alone portable data collector.

Download our Date/Time worksheet here.

When you watch the video, you'll see that when you use the BarcodeGuy SP2100 as a portable data collector, you can set the worksheet so that the lookups or calculations you have to perform using the scanner can be done automatically using macros or program forms. That way you can have your users just make the connection and scan the "Download" barcode to transfer the data!

The Date/Time worksheet for this example has that coding running in the background.

Having a barode scanner connected to your phone, tablet or PC is fine, but what happens when you want to collect barcode data when you're away from your desk and / or host device? If you have the UnionNet SP2100,

The SP2100 allows you to collect data without a bluetooth connection, then "batch" all the data into the host when you return and make a connection. Just watch the short video below to see how easy it is to just scan a barcode and have your data downloaded into whatever application has the focus.

Note that you can use ANY of the operating systems that the SP2100 works with. Under the illustration at the left, you can download the Time Separation Worksheet to automatically separate the date and time from the barcode data.

The video below shows the operation of the HID Batch feature with the System Menu>>Bluetooth?>>HID Date Add feature enabled and downloading using the system barcode.

So, what you're seeing here is a function performed with a $400 scanner that normally is done with a mobile computer costing more than $1000 that needs special programming so it can perform this function - AND WE PROVIDE IT FOR FREE!!

And remember....

If you need a quick, simple, powerful, high-speed method to collect barcode data, the BarcodeGuy Line of Barcode Scanners is your best choice! Take a look at our Product Comparison / Pricing Page. Or just give us a call and we'll help you any way that we can.

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