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RESELLERS - make money selling the best iPad & Android barcode scanner

When you sell (or introduce) the BarcodeGuy SP2100 to your customers, we'll give you the support you need and the profit you deserve!.


We’re looking for partners; resellers who are willing to invest the time to become familiar with the product and show it around. If you think you’ve got the ability, drive and intellect to sell this product, we’ll give you the opportunity - physically and financially. Here’s what being a BarcodeGuy reseller means to you:

• You’ll never see the product advertised anywhere on the web for less than the MSRP. Since we have exclusivity in the US, we can promise you that if someone does list it for less we won’t sell it to them.

• If you're working a specific vertical market, we make it a point not to have another reseller in your vertical without discussing it with you first.

• We won't sell direct to end users in your vertical. Normally, we qualify every sale we make by following up with them before we ship to make sure the product is going to work for them. During that qualification we can usually tell if they're trying to purchase something they're familiar with already so we'll slow down the sale to talk to you first.

If you’ve read the developer’s portion of the Partner section, you know that by integrating the SP2100 into your App or program you can pretty much charge what you want for the scanner and justify the price as part of the intellectual property of the programming itself. We take the uncertainty out of integrating the SP2100 into your App.

Just give us a call or send us an email about becoming a partner. It's easy, doesn't cost a lot and we're ready to supply you demo scanners and literature when you're ready to sell!


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