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You'll agree that the BarcodeGuy iPhone Barcode Scanner works best!

With a barcode scanner for your iPhone, scanning barcodes acts like typing them in.

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BarcodeGuy's iPhone Barcode Scanner

An iPhone Barcode Scanner allows you to use your phone for data collection tasks that you would normally use a laptop PC or tablet. Because the iPhone is so popular, it's use with a iPhone barcode scanner can really save your organization money, time and improve the overall user experience in a BYOD environment. The SP 2100 iPhone bar code scanner is easy to connect configure and use. Connected via HID, the SP 2100 works just like a bluetooth keyboard connected to your iPhone. When you scan a bar code the encoded ASCII characters show up where the cursor is flashing. Barcode data collection with your iPhone has never been easier.

The BarcodeGuy SP 2100 is designed to be the premier iPhone barcode scanner on the market. This means it not only has the most features but it also has the lowest rise of any comparable iPhone bar code scanner you can buy. It allows you to toggle the soft keypad of the iPhone with merely a press of the bottom side button. That means that when scanning barcodes filling out a web form or running an App from the AppStore you can use more of the screen by toggling the soft keypad out of the way. When you need it the keypad is easily displayed.

With its small size, sophisticated configuration options, durability, IP54 sealing, buzzer and vibrator, bright screen and long battery life the SP 2100 user iPhone barcode scanner of choice. You'll find speed and accuracy a barcode scanning improves user efficiency and the overall user experience. You can configure the SP2100 to send suffixes, prefixes, and even at the time stamp as part of the barcode string. And if large battery means you can get full shift capability, scanning barcodes for 12 hours at a time.

BarcodeGuy offers a free SDK for application developers to integrate the iphone barcode scanner into their program applications. Communicating via MFi mode, your program can control not only when and if barcodes can be scanned, but also user feedback such as message is displayed on the screen, tones and vibrations depending on what data paragraph an it needs to be collected at that particular time. Integrated into the application the SP2100 can provide the user with instructions for what to do next and whether the data just entered is valid.

We're committed providing iPhone barcode scanners that increase productivity and provide real value when the marketplace. Give us a call today and will show you how the SP 2100 can be a vital part of your data collection workflow.

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See how easy it is to conncect the SP2100 to you iPhone. In less than a minute, you'll be scanning barcodes into your favorite App!'s barcode scanner kits come with everything you'll need.... charging cable, Resource CD, Lanyard and power supplies. And when you purchase from, you get instant technical support via phone or email. We pride ourselves on both our product and applications knowledge... so when you call, you can be assured of prompt, competent and efficient help.


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