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iPhone Bluetooth Barcode Scaonner

Scan barcodes directly to your iPhone, and display prompts to the user on the KDC200i or KDC300i

iPhone Bluetooth Barcode Scanner

The KDC200i and KDC300i are iPhone bluetooth barcode scanners that provide user feedback!

Note that in a lot of applications, you might want to start using the Koamtac barcode scanner as a keyboard wedge or HID. You can get details by visiting the Apple iOS Barcode Scanner Page.

The iPhone is gaining popularity as a business enterprise data collection device. As the accuracy and speed of data entry becomes more important, applications using an iPhone bluetooth barcode scanner will have better performance and acceptance by its users. Although you could use a generic bluetooth barcode wedge scanner with an iPhone, the user would have to balance the scanner in one hand and the iPhone in the other because wedge scanners don't provide meaningful feedback to users. The KoamTac KDC200i  and KDC300i  are the only iPhone bluetooth barcode scanners that allow you to provide operator prompts and feedback through the 4-line OLED display of the barcode scanner.

Why include iPhone bluetooth barcode scanning in your application?

  • Eliminate the need for keypad data entry, improving speed and reducing errors

  • Enter data without fumbling for your iPhone. The KDC200i or KDC300i can display operator prompts, validation messages and database info

  • Implement a cost-effective replacement for fedex-like barcode scanners, saving hundreds of dollars!


Recently, Ron Spears, who leads up AT&T's Business Solutions division announced that "four out of every 10 sales" of iPhones are to enterprise users. That means that the speed and accuracy of data entry will be of heightened concern by enterprise managers and users alike. The KoamTac KDC200i and KDC300i allow you to use them as iPhone bluetooth wireless wedge barcode scanners. AND.... the KDC200i and KDC300i are unique because they can be programmed for 2-way bluetooth communication. That means you can use the iPhone to display a prompt for the user on the bright, 4-line OLED display of the barcode scanner.

Imagine an iPhone application where users leave their iPhone on their desk, or in their pocket, purse or belt holder... As they scan barcodes, the iPhone application displays appropriate validation messages, database descriptions, customer information and prompts of what data to enter next! With the Bluetooth 2.0 connection to the iPhone, the KDC200i and KDC300i can communicate from up to 30 feet away - allowing your users the convenience of not having to look at the iPhone display to understand what they need to do next.

The small size of the KDC200i and KDC300i makes it and inconspicuous data collection companion. Worn around the neck on a convenient neck lanyard, carried in a pocket or sitting on a desk, these KoamTac scanners have the smallest footprint of any iPhone bluetooth barcode scanner with a display and give unparallel barcode scanning performance. With the included rubber boot, the KDC200i and KDC300i have durability comparable to conventional bluetooth barcode wedge scanners - at a fraction of the size and weight.

Select the KoamTac KDC200i to read conventional linear or 1-dimensional barcodes. Choose the KDC300i to scan 2-dimensional barcodes or to speed data entry even more by allowing your users to scan linear barcodes omni-directionally!

You can have confidence that BarcodeGuy.com and KoamTac is committed to becoming the "barcode scanner of choice" for the iPhone. We provide a free iPhone SDK allowing you to integrate the KDC200i and KDC300i seamlessly into your application - giving you a competitive advantage by making data entry both fast and accurate. We provide unlimited technical support to help you understand the technical aspects of the KDC200i and KDC300i and the general principles of barcode data collection so you can be assured that your users will love collecting data with the iPhone and its bluetooth barcode scanner.


KTSync for iPhone Allows Bluetooth Barcode scanning

  With KTSync on the device, you can set up your iPhone Bluetooth Barcode Scanner and scan data directly into your application or file!

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