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iPod Barcode Scanners are economical for in-house data collection

Use an iPod barcode scanner with your iPod touch, improve speed & accuracy.

iPod barcode scanner

Barcode Scanner for iPod touch

An iPod barcode scanner and Apple iPod Touch together are an effective way to maximize productivity and minimize costs. If your company collects data within your four walls, using and iPod barcode scanner is the most cost effective way to collect data into your web application or through a remote desktop connection. Since iOS on the iPod Touch is familiar to just about everyone, there is little cost in teaching users how to use it relative to the data collection tasks they are used to performing. BarcodeGuy's iPod barcode scanner is best in class, certified by Apple and arguably the most cost effective ipod bar code scanning solution available.

When used as an ipod barcode scanner, the BarcodeGuy SP2100 has a rich, mature and extensive feature. It's powerful firmware allows almost granular configuration control. You can control parameters like the type of bluetooth connection, the format of barcode data, addition of time stamps, user feedback options like volume, screen brightness and timeouts and much more. In addition, the BarcodeGuy SP2100 is the only iPod bar code scanner on the market that offers vibratory feedback so users don't have to rely on the beeper in noisy warehouse environments! Conveniently sized, it fits easily into your pocket or can be attached via velcro to any surface you choose. Its large battery recharges quickly and allows a full shift of scanning barcodes and sending them to the ipod. It recharges in less than 2 hours using a standard mini-USB connector from the standard PC connection or the provided chargers.

The BarcodeGuy SP2100 can store over ten thousand barcode scans in memory so you can use it without it being connected to your ipod. Just scan the barcodes and reconnect once you come back into the thirty foot bluetooth range. Then transfer the barcodes from memory to the ipod simply by scanning a barcode. With the SP2100 ipod barcode scanner, you know it will give you years of service. It is designed to be durable. With a full 1-year warranty, IP54 certification for resistance to moisture, dust and dirt and tested to withstand multiple drops to concrete, you don't have to worry about it working every time!

Our iPod barcode scanners connect as either a Human Interface Device (HID) or with a serial connection over bluetooth using the iPhone security layer. With the first connection type, the SP2100 acts just like a bluetooth keyboard and the scanned barcode characters show up wherever the cursor is flashing. You can use it "out of the box" in less than a minute to make the connection. Connected via MFi or serial over bluetooth, you can use the free SDK to integrate the SP2100 into your program application code, unlocking all the abilities of the scanner. Send messages to the screen, control when you can scan a barcode and control the beeper and vibrator. In this mode, you don't even have to look at the program on the ipod... just start it and use the ipod barcode scanner to see where to go, what to do, what barcode to scan next and pertinent data about what you just scanned. The SP2100 has the simplest and most powerful SDK commands of any competitor.

Understand the power of using an iPod barcode scanner by giving us a call or sending an email today. We'll walk you through the process. You can purchase your SP2100 iPod barcode scanner here

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The connection and usage of a BarcodeGuy SP2100 iPod Barcode scanner is the same as the process with an iPad. We'll put up videos with the iPod Touch as soon as we have them. You'll be pleasantly surprised at the ease of use, durability and power of our iPod barcode scanners!'s barcode scanner kits come with everything you'll need.... charging cable, Resource CD, Lanyard and power supplies. And when you purchase from, you get instant technical support via phone or email. We pride ourselves on both our product and applications knowledge... so when you call, you can be assured of prompt, competent and efficient help.


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