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BarcodeGuy Bluetooth UnionNet SP2100

The "Grand Slam" of Barcode Scanners, the BarcodeGuy® Line of barcode scanners is your best choice for mobile barcode data collection

With a BarcodeGuy® Barcode Scanner, you can scan barcodes to any host, collect them in memory, and format them before saving.

BarcodeGuy Bluetooth Barcode Scanner Our Barcode Scanners are so powerful and versatile, they are literally the ONLY barcode scanner you'll ever need! The BarcodeGuy line of barcode scanners will easily solve the "barcode scanning" part of your data collection problem. Here are just a few examples:
  • Want your barcode scanner investment to work with ANY PC, Tablet or SmartPhone?
  • Need to scan barcodes into a web browser?
  • Want to see the scanned barcode characters without looking at the host?
  • Want the ability to scan 2-Dimensional barcodes, but don't like the cost?
  • Want to scan barcodes through emulation software?

The BarcodeGuy® Line of barcode scanners give you the durability, power and flexibility you need to meet barcode data collection needs. The most flexible bluetooth barcode scanner with a display, each BarcodeGuy model can be worn effortlessly around your neck or carried in a pocket.

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The powerful, rechargable battery gives you true "full shift" capability. Each model in the BarcodeGuy line scan and wirelessly transmit barcodes for more than 8 continuous hours. Recharge the battery in a couple of hours with a Type A USB connection to a PC, USB hub or wall charger. No special cables or power supplies drive up cost of ownership. And because of their light weight, barcode scanners have the durability of "rugged" barcode scanners that cost hundreds of dollars more.

How They Work - The Triple Threat (to our competition)

THREAT 1 - In their most common useage, the BarcodeGuy barcode scanners work as a "keyboard wedge " to what ever they're connected to. That means WHEN YOU SCAN A BARCODE IT'S JUST LIKE YOU TYPED IN THE BARCODE CHARACTERS USING YOU KEYBOARD! Used this way, when you scan a barcode the scanned data shows up in the program where the cursor is flashing on the connected device... YOUR phone, tablet or PC. BarcodeGuy barcode scanners are simple to set up - it takes less than a couple of minutes to make a connection to a PC or mobile device and start scanning barcodes. And barcode scanners are designed so that they're easy to configure and deploy when standardization is important. The powerful configuration system in each BarcodeGuy barcode scanner allows you granular control of just about every part of the barcode data collection process - from bluetooth and power management options down to the details of what barcodes can be scanned and how the barcode data is formatted as it is sent to the host. You can be confident that your solution will work if you deploy many barcode scanners regardless of the host operating sytstem.

THREAT 2 - BarcodeGuy Barcode Scanners are versatile "Portable Data Collectors ". Because of the flexibility of its design, you can use BarcodeGuy barcode scanners to "scan and store" barcodes when you're on the go, and can't be bothered fiddling with a laptop or smart phone. The scanned data is stored in the BarcodeGuy memory. Make a list of all your DVD's, scan UPC's in the store so you can research products, keep track of what order you worked on later - collect any barcode data you want and process it when you get time. When you're ready, download the barcode data to a file or program on your desktop or mobile phone. will show you how to communicate with BarcodeGuy barcode scanners and designate where the scanned data will go when its downloaded, how the data will be formatted & what it will look like. The BarcodeGuy UnionNet SP2100 holds at least 30,000 scans in memory. That means it will hold up to 8mb of scanned barcodes!

THREAT 3 - BarcodeGuy Barcode Scanners can also be be used as stand-alone "Mobile Computers ". For example, you can put a BarcodeGuy barcode scanner in your pocket, drive to the warehouse and take a full inventory of your stockroom when you arrive; Or verify the item on the order matches the one you're about to put in the box; When you're finished, download the scanned data to your desktop tablet or mobile phone. We make it easy!

Feature List of BarcodeGuy Barcode Scanners -

  • Works with YOUR operating system
  • Works as a corded or Bluetooth keyboard wedge scanner
  • Can be used as a "disconnected" portable data collector
  • Long Battery Life
  • 30' Bluetooth range from host
  • Fast recharge with standard USB port
  • Bright and easy-to-read 4-Line OLED display
  • Real Time Clock
  • Restrict barcode types, add suffix, prefixes and terminators
  • Stores 10,000 barcodes (4meg version in Q311)
  • Included Inventory, Pick & Master/Slave programs included
  • Validate input on your rules to assure accuracy
  • Full developer SDK's and support
  • Included rubber boot for increased durability

Need more information on the BarcodeGuy line's features?
Take a look at the graphic at the left to see the models available and their feature set. You can also look at the graphical pricing page to understand the differences between them.

Explore our web site and learn how the BarcodeGuy line of Bluetooth Barcode Scanners are iPad barcode scanners, Android Barcode Scanners, iPhone Barcode Scanners, Blackberry Barcode Scanners, Windows Barcode Scanners and Mac Barcode Scanners. As the site is expanded, you'll find common links below, as well as the "buy now" options to go to the product page and the store.

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